2017’s Home Design Trends

July 20, 2017

2017’s Home Design Trends

While you might be tempted to think that, in terms of home design, it has all been done before, that is less true today than it might have seemed in the past. It’s true that some design trends are cyclical––like the resurgence of wood flooring and marble––but other new ideas of what’s “in” are just that, ideas sparked by technology and the green revolution. They’re as fresh and new as all outdoors, in fact; take note of the popularity of “living walls” in baths and vertical herb gardens in kitchens.

Here’s a brief recap of some of the new currents in home design circles, both for architecture and for interiors:

Green, Green, and More Green

Whether you term it green or sustainable, eco-friendly or just a necessity, energy and cost-saving concerns have changed not only what is incorporated in the home, but also the way we live. Water conservation, solar options for electricity, better insulation, recycled and reclaimed materials, low VOC-paints, backyard gardening and composting, air quality, overall efficiency and associated cost-savings are high on the list of wanted features. Natural and locally-sourced materials, for both exterior and interior use, are almost mandatory. The definition of sustainable has moved beyond the concept of simple “savings” to embrace positive changes that assure better health for inhabitants and longer life for the structures.

Size Does Matter, and Smaller Is In

Homes are shrinking today, perhaps not to the size or portability of “tiny houses,” but the long-standing mindset of “bigger is better” is definitely showing signs of decline. It’s not that people are making do with less; rather, “less is more” is a mindset becoming prominent for many consumers. The square footage of a house is not nearly as important as the way the home functions; multi-purpose spaces serve family needs better than rooms designated for a single purpose. It’s a decidedly practical approach, prompted perhaps by the decline of family size as much as by rising prices.

Make Way for Technology

Smart home features have gone mainstream. At the very least, buyers want reliable internet, comprehensive security options, and control over basic home operations, including lighting, cooking, heating, cooling and entertainment. Entertainment may have been the catalyst for integrated residential systems, but the ability to control the home environment from a central hub or by remote device has become the gold standard of smart technology. Appliances “communicate” with one another and simplify programming for homeowners. New technology is wireless, efficient and effective. And it’s in high demand.

The Mix Is On

It’s okay to play with design eras; there’s no need to adhere strictly to historical interpretations for home exteriors, interior design or furniture. A mix of styles, materials, metals and finishes can be more “with it” than having everything match. Use rustic woods in tandem with sleek stone, incorporate honed stone with glossy tile, pick contrasting finishes for upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen, or select a contemporary pedestal sink for a tiny powder room in a traditional home. Add a high-ceiling, glass-walled breakfast room to change the mood of a suburban ranch. The old rules have been supplanted, and the key to success is individuality.

Blur the Boundaries Between Inside and Outdoors

Today’s best homes bring the outdoors in, not only with light, air and views, but they also encourage outdoor living in a variety of ways. Whether you have a defined outdoor room, or simply beautiful landscape elements that beckon you, having a way to utilize your yard as additional living space is a treat. Plan to enhance not only the curb appeal of your home, but also its private spaces to truly enjoy its living possibilities.

Home enhancements that are in tune with the trends, but not “trendy,” will add to your enjoyment; they’ll also add value to your property and hold their value over time.


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